Travelling to Milos for an
exciting summer escape?

If you decide to take a vacation at the "Milos Achivadolimni" Ηοtel Bungalows & Camping Site, you can participate in many activities and water sports at the beach of Achivadolimni and other beaches. Achivadolimni beach in particular is well-equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, as well as a canteen for light snacks and refreshments. On the other hand, if you are a hiking lover there are beautiful walking paths for exciting walks in nature.
Whatever you select to do you will have an amazing time, fill your holidays with excitement and beautiful images while Milos water sports and activities will keep your adrenaline levels growing!

Windsurfing Mix the Aegean Sea and the excellent weather conditions of Milos Island, and you get the ideal spot for your favourite water sport. Enjoy windsurfing in Milos! (You need to have your own equipment)

Kite Board

Get acquainted with the new water sports fad called kite board and eel the freedom of flying over the Aegean Sea and the island of Milos. If you are adventurous enough this sport will thrill you! (You need to have your own equipment)

Beach Volleyball

At the Milos Achivadolimni beach there is a beach volley ball court where you can spend time playing your favourite sport.

Scuba Diving

Admire the wild beauty of the deep blue waters and explore the bottom of the sea by scuba diving in Milos. Discover hidden secrets, explore unknown places and live unique underwater experiences.


More and more visitors of Milos are becoming lovers of this water sport. A combination of ideal weather conditions and idyllic locations for canoe-kayaking in Milos Island, Greece will treat you to a unique experience.

Milos Walking Paths / Tours

Achivadolimni is an area with rich natural environment with wonderful paths and hills, inviting everyone to enjoy an alternative activity of walking or trekking in a viable ecosystem.


In order to reach some hidden beauties and complete the picture of Milos, sailing through Kleftiko, Sykia, endless caves in blue-turquoise water is essential. This unique experience can be fulfilled with a daily boat tour of Milos.